Don’t Waste Time!!!

Time is an exchange material. It is a gem and a treasure. Time is the competitor of eternity.The opposite of eternity is time. Hence time is very important. It is that which makes up our life.Since time is an exchange material it can be properly used or misused.

Time is the few that we have been given for us to utilize so that we can be counted worthy to be given the much called eternity. How we use time determines how we will spend eternity.Everything we have is what we have exchanged our time for.

How We Use Time

  • Time can be exchanged.
  • Time can be converted.
  • Time can be multiplied.
  • Time can be wasted.
  • Time can be invested.
  • Time can be measured
  • Time can not be stored.
  • Time cannot be preserved.
  • Time wasted can never be recovered.

There is a time for everything. He that owns your time owns your life. He that controls your time controls your life. God is eternal yet still he created time.God is eternal yet He created the world with time. He is eternal yet still He does things with time.

In the creation account God measured his progress everyday. He created the heavens and the earth in six days. All that we see in creation was made by God in six days.At the end of each day He measured and evaluated his progress and products.

Every day has 24 hours. Have you ever wondered why before the throne of God there are 24 elders?Every hour is to an elder. Check out this upcoming article ‘The Mystery of the 24 Elders

Time is the ‘few’ and Eternity is the ‘many things’ we can be given if you can manage the few time we have.

Time Can Be Exchanged:

Time is an exchange material. We exchange things with time. Whatever you have is what you have exchanged your time for.Who you are is what you have exchange your time to be. If you are a doctor that means you have exchange your 6 years of your time to become so. A lawyer has exchanged many years of his time to become so.

What are you exchanging your time for .What are you exchanging your time to become.Anything we have not become yet is because we have not exchanged our time for it.

Time Can Be Converted:
You can convert your time to anything.We can become anything you want. We can become whoever we were made to be with proper usage of our time. A sperm becomes a babe through the process of time.Imagine if there was a new job career and it was part of the curriculum,you could opt in for it and then by the end of the training you will become that employer.

Hence you can become any career you want if only you will go convert your time into the process and training required.

You are your own ground, cultivate your own ground and you can be the best in your field.It is the converted time that makes you to become somebody.We can convert our time into becoming anything God want us to be or whatever we want to become.

Time Can Be Wasted:

How many people have I wasted their time and how many people have you wasted their time?How many people have wasted your time?

Time wasted is life wasted. Once your time is wasted ,you can never recover it.This year will never come again,it is gone forever.Time cannot neither be stored nor preserved for future used.If you don’t use your time well you will become a prey.

Time Can Be Invested:

Time like any powerful raw material can be invested. You can use your time to invest into yourself.You can add more value to yourself by wisely using your time profitably and purposefully.There are different things you can use life and time for.

The same one hour can be used for different things of different value. That same hour can be used for sleeping, watching movies, watching tutorials or a lecture. It can be used for chatting on-line or for learning typing, for reading magazines or reading the bible or books of value. The same hour can be used for playing video games or mind challenge games.

The same one hour can be used to pray unto God or pray unto idols. The same one hour can be used to pray or play.Within the same six years one can be a medical doctor,one can become a pharmacist within that same time.

We can have different values for the same one hour.

Time Can Be Multiplied:

The results of what you do in time can be multiplied. You can multiply what you do in time through recording,duplication and distribution.For example by recording and make copies of the song,books and videos we did within a set time and then distributing it to others we can multiply our time used.

Although time cannot be stored,or preserved we can store and preserve what we did with the time and then multiply it. One can record one seminar or preaching he did and then multiply it for many to use and benefit from.

This is effective usage of time with space. Thus the same time used but multiplied in different places.

Jesus used time so wisely that for only 33 years he spend physically on earth,the result of his life lives on.We are still profiting from the results of Jesus’ usage of his time. We will all enter into eternal life because one man called Jesus invested his 33 years on earth into all humanity. He multiplied himself and his usage of his time through the gospels, books and the disciples and people he affected.

Time Is Valuable:

A woman who miscarry after 9 months of pregnancy sees how much valuable time is.There is only one second difference between the first and the second places in a race. This shows how valuable time is even if it is small.

Eternity is valuable ,so is time. If we cannot use time well how will we be given eternity to use.Time has quality, it also has quantity. Invest quality time,invest quantity of time into your self and your assignment and you will be sought after.

               If you were a product will you be sought after by many people or only a handful.Will people queue for you and travel long distance willingly just to meet you.

The difference between products is in the quantity and quality of time invested in processing and making the product valuable and useful.Guard your time, use your time profitably and purposeful for there is no time.

The Lord Jesus bless you.

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