Check Your Belief-set and Mindset

                Our minds affect every aspect of our lives. We are what we are, not only because of our mindset but also our “belief-set”.

What we believe in influence every aspect of our lives. It influences our thoughts,our actions and our habits. Our beliefs influence our relationships and the people we relate with. What we believe in, can either elevate us or limit us. It serves as a determinant of what we will do or not to. Our “belief-set” influences what we will become. Our faith and beliefs affect our decisions.

               Faith is a lifestyle. The good book says “The just shall live by faith”. That means our beliefs is our lifestyle. We live by what we believe in. What you believe about yourself influences how you walk,talk and behave.What are your beliefs,what is your belief-set?

Just as our mindset influences every aspect of our life,so does our “faith-set” or “belief-set”. We all live by faith ,we all live by what we believe in and who we believe in. Who do you believe in?

              What do you believe about yourself? Remember that, it is what you believe about yourself, which influence your lifestyle .If you believe wrong you will live wrong. If what you believed in is wrong, then all your life, you will be living in a wrong place.

Every culture in the world has it own beliefs. We all behave differently because we have different make-up,mindset and “belief-set”. Your faith and beliefs is part of your philosophy about life. What you believe in affects your attitude which will definitely influence your altitude.

Be sure of what and who you believe in. Our beliefs conditions us,it adjusts our life.

There are many religions in the world and each of them have their our beliefs or “faith-set”. Their beliefs make them do things that either amazes others or damage others. What you believe in affects you. So guide your beliefs. Prove what your belief in, least it damages you instead of amazing others.

Invest in your faith and in your mind,invest in your “belief set” because it is your lifestyle .Believe in Jesus and you will not be damaged.

God bless you.

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