Learn Julia Programming with Learn Julia App

Learn Julia App

Learn Julia app serves as a concise guide and a quick reference for learning the Julia Programming language. This application features how to get started with Julia,the basics of Julia,Data Analysis with Julia and many important aspect of coding.

Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for numerical computing,that combines the best of Python,R,Fortran,C,Lisp.  Aka “Walks like Python Runs like C”. Julia can be used for general purpose computing,machine learning,data science and many more. With “Learn Julia” you will get a general overview of what Julia is and why to learn Julia.

This app is a beginner guide for anyone who wants to learn Julia Language and also master the next generation programming language.


  • A General Overview of the Julia Language
  • Learn and Master the Basics of Julia
  • A simplified documentation for Julia
  • Quick reference for Julia
  • List of Julia Packages
  • Python Alternatives In Julia
  • Compare Python,R,Matlab and Julia Basic Codes
  • Offline Search for Some basic Programming language Glossary
  • Learn Machine Learning in brief in Julia
  • Data Visualization in Julia
  • Julia Cheatsheets
  • Video tutorials on Julia
  • News Feeds
  • Find various resources and awesome list for Julia
  • Find some Basic Coding Questions and Answers in Julia
  • Many More

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