How to Organize Files with Python & Click

How to Organize your files with python and click

It is a common thing for our desktop and documents folder on our PC  to be crowded and this makes it difficult to find the kind of file you want at any particular time.

So the best way to do this is to organize all your files either

  • by extension or
  • by a word you will remember or
  • by alphabetical order.

Let us see how to accomplish and solve this challenge with python and with code.


  • click
    • pip install click
  • shutil
  • fnmatch
  • os
  • Design

We will be using os to locate the files and use shutil to move the files to their respective places.

To avoid repetition we will place all this task inside a script and run it as a reusable command line interface(CLI for short) using click

Check out this video on how our script was built and how it works.


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