Great Books For Learning Data Science In Python

        Have you every wondered why Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Alibaba ,etc invest millions of dollars into data science and artificial intelligence?
Google applies AI to almost all it services and products from search to recommendation systems on YouTube,to Google Home to Google Translate and even automatic text suggestion in G-mail.
The big guys have seen the power and potential of Data Science and AI, hence they are investing more into it.

       This is the age of information technology and Artificial Intelligence, every business and individual needs the ability to analyze and generate insight from the massive amount of data available. With this skill-set you can be able to do predictive and prescriptive analytics to boost the value you generate and the profit you make.

Imagine being able to derive insight from your data and using it to improve your sales. That is such a great power.

       Get these books to enable you master the skills of data science and machine learning.
As it is said data is the new oil, hence he that knows how to clean,analyze and utilize data effectively will be the rulers of the fourth industrial age.

Below are some very useful books to master this skill-set.

    • Python Cookbook
      David Beazley and Brian K. Jones authors of Python Cookbook provide a very elaborate step by step guide for mastering python.This book covers all the fundamentals of Python in a very comprehensive way.It will take you from knowing nothing about python to becoming a Guru with Python.
    • Python For Data Analysis
      This book was written by the creator of the popular python library Pandas- Wes McKinney.It covers everything from how to use Ipython,to mastering Pandas for data cleaning,wrangling,plotting and even time series analysis. Become a Pro with this book
    • Python Data Science Handbook
      Written by Jake VanderPlas,creator of python’s altair visualization library, this books takes you in depth into how to use python for data science. He covers topics such as pandas,numpy,matplotlib and scikit learn for machine learning.Learn the commonest packages in one book.
    • Mastering Machine Learning with ScikitLearn
      With this book you will be able to apply effective learning algorithms to real-world problems using scikit-learn. Gavin Hackeling covers topics that takes one from a beginner to advanced level with the popular machine learning library scikit-learn.
      With this in your tool-set you can do so much in machine learning.
    • Hands On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn & TensorFlow
      In this book, Aurelien Geron, a ML consultant,offers insightful information about using sklearn,tensorflow for machine learning and deep learning practically.
    • Python Machine Learning
      Written by Sebastian Raschka, a prolific programmer, and one of the most influential data scientist on github, this books offers great insight into machine learning practically.It teaches even how to embed ML into web application and more.


Other Important Books For Mastering Python

These are some of the great books for learning and mastering data science and machine learning with python. Of course there will be more books, but these few can get you started.

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