Problems are real.

No one prays for them or expect them, yet they come everyone’s way.They are looking for who will solve them, that is why they come your way.But there are several ways of solving problems which include reasoning.Reasoning is the mental process to finding solutions to bugging problems of life.You must possess a ‘there is a way out’, mentality at all times – 1Corthians 10:13.You can device your way out of any situation – Proverbs 16:9, 20:5, 25:If one way closes, several others will open to you.

Reason and re-reason; think and think over again.There is no end to reasoning; the more you reason, the better result you access, and the brighter your life becomes.Those who think cannot be trapped.A system that lacks reasoning leader(s) will certainly rust just as a body that has no head has no future.

To be headless is to be lifeless in practical terms. Without head there cannot be an headway.
The prodigal son made a headway only when he came to himself by putting his head to work. Luke 15

The first church forged ahead by engaging their head inspite of satan’s subtle scheme of murmuring among women that seriously threatened the further existence of the young vibrant church. Acts 6:1-3

Going ahead is always what results whenever the head goes to work. Acts 6:3-7

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