What is Success?
Success is the potential destiny of all created things.
Success is the completion and fulfilment of the purpose for which something was made.
It is the fulfilment of the’ why you were made’.
Success is not comparing or outclassing others.It is measured by what you have done(action) and what you could have done(potential).
Whatever we were born to do is within us.We were programmed and designed with everything needed to fulfil our purpose.
You and I carry our raw materials to fulfil our destiny.But we have to process that raw material.
We do not only have a raw material but also the ability to make use of that resources to fulfil our purpose.
When we use our abilities and resources to fulfil our purpose it is then that it can be said we have succeeded.
To be successful is not a one day event rather it consists of series of ‘successes’ we make in the time given us.
We were born to fulfil a need but remember we do not have forever do accomplish it because of our material
body.We do not live in this body for long.
Everything that God created has in it, what it is to become and what it takes to fulfil its purpose.We have the potential to succeed in every area
we were made for.Every man is born with potentials but not everyone realize their potentials before their death.

For us to succeed we must first realize our identity and our purpose.
Knowing our identity and purpose makes it easier to succeed.It makes us aware of the potential we carry.
It informs us of our functioning abilitiy ,our capacity.It gives us a clear understanding of our
character and characteristics.Purpose disciplines our behavior and habit.Purpose defines our habitation.
Your identity is who you are.Your purpose is why you are and why you were made.The best way of knowing our
purpose is to consult Christ,our maker.Our purpose also determines our position.
For us to succeed we must know where we function best.We must know our field.We need the right environment
to fulfil effectively our purpose.Just as every seed needs the right environment to grow and produce fruits
even so we also require the right environment to fulfil effectively our purpose.
Environment matters in the making of potential.Environment enables your potential to be maximized.
We have two environment-the internal environment and the external environment.The internal environment is our
mindset,our information base,our philosophy,our in-built capacity,attitudes.Our external environment includes our associations,friends,
society.The outcome of our lives is determined by the company you keep.The rice we eat are seeds but until they are placed in the
right environment(soil and weather) it will remain as a seed.
For us to succeed we need to know the right environment and stay connected to it.
It is only when we are in our field that we thrive successfully.

For us to succeed we need vision.We need to see where we are going ,what is the expectation of God concerning us.
Vision gives us motion.Without vision there is no motion.Our motion is limited by how much we can see.Vision
requires information.Vision is like a skeleton it forms the framework of our destiny ,but information is like the flesh that covers it.
It is information that makes vision more packaged and achievable.The effect of vision is limited by knowledge.How well you package your vision determines how long it will last.
Vision is about where you are going based on your purpose.Information is about how to get there.
For us to succeed we need vision and information.
For us to succeed we need action,we need to work the vision into being.Action is motion.It is movement of our minds,heart and body to fulfil
our vision.Movement brings improvement.Movement brings development.We ought to work out the success potential in us.We have to act if we want
to see fulfilment.Where there is no movement there cannot be improvement.
Jesus said I must work the works of him that sent me.In order words to see the fulfilment of our purpose(success) we dont only have to but we
also must work it.Work is movement.
There is great potential to succeed in all of us but we must work it,we must use it.Remember you were made because you succeeded in the plan and will of God.Christ succeeded,therefore you can also succeed because he is in us and with us.He is in us influencing our internal environment and making us realize our purpose and identity.He is with us influencing our external environment.
God bless you.

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