how to be a person of value

How to Be a Person of Value

People of value are people of character ,competence and courage. In order to be irreplaceable you need to be a person of value. For one to become a person of great worth, you need to be a person of value. The level of your usefulness determines how much significant you are. Your worth is in what you add, your valuable contribution. Your worth is in fulfilling your purpose, divine or human.

To be a person of value you need character;good character.

Character is essential to becoming a person of value. People of integrity are highly valuable. People who can be trusted and relied upon, are seen as valuable people. You need to have a character of commitment and faithfulness to be a person of value.

But having character alone is not enough. Having character alone will not get everything done.

You need what can enable you get results. This is where competence come to play.

To be a person of value you need competence.

Competence involve the skill and technical know how. It is that which gets you results. Competence includes your speciality and expertise. What you are highly skilful in makes you a person of value. Your unique skill-set makes you valuable and significance. No matter how good and honest you are if you lack the skill and the knowledge to get the required results, you will not be very valuable.

You can be the most religious and moral wife but if you don’t know how to cook, you are not respected. You can be the most faithful husband but if you do not work and get results you will not be paid. Being faithful and being fruitful are two different things. If you are faithful but you do not produce any fruit or results, you will be replaced.

Having character is what makes you last but being competent and capable is what gives you a ground in the first place. It is that which makes you irreplaceable.

In the last earthly years of Jesus ,when he went to Jerusalem,he showed us that it is not enough to have character, you also have to be competent. On his way from Bethany to Jerusalem he came to a fig tree which he saw. But when he came to the fig tree ,there was nothing on it ,except leaves. There was no fruit but only leaves. He was attracted by the fig tree with leaves,but when he came to it,there was no fruit. The leaves represent the character,it attracts and make people long to be with you.

A good character makes people count on you and rely on you. It makes people attracted to you but it will not get people to be attached to you forever.

The fruit represents competence,it is the value that people are looking for. It is what they need to get their problem solved. It is the benefit they get when they are attracted to you.

Since that fig tree had no fruits,it was made to wither. It become useless as a whole.

We do not only need to have character but also competence. We need both. Competence alone will not get it done neither do character alone. We need character and competence. We need both the leaves and the fruits. You need both to be a person of value.

To be a person of value,you need to be courageous. You need to be courageous and confident. Confidence is a product of competence. When you are skilful in a field,when you get results and solve problems you become confidence. And when you solve problems you become a person of value. You have to step out, you have to be fearless and courageous if you have to be irreplaceable. You have to apply what you are capable of and competent in courageous.

Develop your character, develop your competence and step out courageously and confidently and you will become a person of value and significance.

God bless you.

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