the Gospel to the 3 Sons of Noah

The Gospel to the Three Sons of Noah

The Goodnews of Christ is not only to a few people,neither was it only to the Jews. It is to every nation.The commission of Jesus was to all the nations.

Every one that lives on this earth is either from Ham,Shem or Japheth or a mixture of these. Every nation emerged from these sons of Noah. From these three sons of Noah we have all the nations of the world.

There are three groups of people who were saved from Act 8-10.Each group represent the kind of people who get saved. Each of these people are from the three sons of Noah- Ham,Shem,Japheth.

From Ham, we have the Ethiopian Eunuch ,he was a man of high authority for he was the treasurer of the Queen of the Ethiopians.

From Shem, we have Paul of Tarsus, who also was a Pharisee ,a man of high authority in those days having studied under Gamaliel.

From Japheth we have Cornelius of Italy,he was a centurion of the Italian band, also a man of high authority.

All of these people had their pecularities. The sequence of how the gospel reached each of these signifies how the gospel is not only to the Jews (Shem) but also to every one. It shows how impartial God is and his desire to see every race of humanity saved.

The Ethiopian had eagerness of knowing the scriptures and he had gone to Jerusalem to worship God.He had zeal for the word of God but he lacked understanding and direction. He was reading the scriptures. He was no illiterate,he knew how to read and possibly he was bilingual for he was reading a Hebrew text of the scriptures ,if not Greek.

Paul of Tarsus also had zeal for God. He had knowledge of the scriptures ,having being trained as a Pharisee under Gamaliel. He had zeal and knowledge but he too had a wrong perception and understanding. He had a distorted view of what was written concerning Christ. He was engulfed in tradition.

Cornelius of Italy had devotion and zeal for God. He was a devout,God fearing man being very prayerful and generous yet he didn’t know anything about Jesus. He had the practice but not the knowledge of Christ.

Without the Holy Spirit none of them would have been saved. God saw them in their various peculiarities and called them to salvation. Two of them saw visions (Paul of Shem and Cornelius of Japheth).One didn’t see any vision rather he saw the supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit. He saw Philip caught up and tele-ported to a different place.

It is required that we have the right understanding , perception and direction concerning the Scriptures.

Concerning the faith,there are people who have zeal and eagerness for the things of God but they lack the true knowledge of God. There are those who have zeal for God but no knowledge of God and of his truth. There are those who have the practice and zeal but are ignorant of the truth about God. And there are those who have the knowledge but lack zeal and the practice of the knowledge .

God sees our quest for knowledge of his word(the Ethiopian) and bring people to guide us understand. He sees our zeal for his word and laws which we have misunderstood because of tradition(Paul) and gives us light into his word . He sees our prayers,alms and devotion(Cornelius) and send his word to bring us to the way of salvation.

Thank you Jesus for including all of us in your salvation plan.

Stay Blessed

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