Opportunities – Do not waste them

Do you know that about 150 years ago , there were no electricity,no cars, no aeroplanes, no computer, no Internet? Do you also know that about 50 years ago there were very few bible versions as well as TV stations?

Imagine how life would have been during those times. What we are now enjoying freely and in abundance were once very scarce. It was very rare. But now we use them like they have always been available. What was a privilege for a few is now almost like a right for many.

Our lives have become interwoven with these new discoveries and opportunities. Our life has been structured upon the availability of electricity, vehicles and the Internet.

We have become so dependent on these tools and utilities that without them we feel bored and limited. This shows how important discoveries and opportunities are.

But most of us waste these opportunities. We under-utilize them , we misuse and under-use the opportunities they provide. We have many bible versions but we still don’t read or study deeply the scriptures. We have Internet and electricity but we do not appreciate them to used them to help expand what God has given to us to do.

Imagine if the Apostles of Jesus had Internet, what do you think they would have done with it? Imagine if Paul the missionary had Facebook or Instagram,what do you think he would have done with it?

I guess he would have used it so effectively in fulfilling his assignment. He would have used it in reaching the un-reached and bringing the gospel of the kingdom( not ‘church’) to several folks.

How are we using these opportunities? How are we utilizing these God provided opportunities. We were placed in this era of technology for a purpose, utilize the opportunities of technology to help spread the gospel. Don’t allow the enemy to use the same opportunity to draw people into destruction and addiction. Utilize these opportunity- capitalize on it and spread the good news of Christ to your friends and others.

Capitalize on these to develop and train yourself for your divine assignment and your work. Harness these opportunities to create new opportunities for yourself and others.

The more we know, the more opportunities we are exposed to. Hence use these to upgrade your skill-set. Everything around you is a product of people who saw an opportunity and turn that opportunity into a product.

Don’t waste them -remember it was not available some 150 years ago.

Stay Blessed

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