the new frontier

The New Frontier

1500 years ago the ability to read , to write  and to think analytically , was a great privilege. 500 years it was still a privilege, even 50 years ago it was still a privilege.

The ability to read and write is what is called literacy. It will always be a privilege and be of good help to any one that has it.

But in this era, knowing how to read and how to write is not enough, you have to learn how to design, develop and create. You have to know how to type on a PC, on a computer or a phone and not just writing with pen and paper. You have to upgrade these abilities in order not to be downgraded.

Most of the time, we are taught what to think about, we are place inside a box, a frame within which we are expected to think. We are not taught how to think and why we need to think. We are even frowned upon for asking questions -which is a form of thinking. This has cost many of us.

But in this new frontier you have to know how to think creatively and innovative. The word of God has already provides us with why we have to think, what we have to think about and how to think about. You need to move beyond just reading and writing in one language to several languages. You need to update to the new frontier.

The new frontier involves the ability to develop (create,invent,make ) and the ability to design. The new frontier is the ability to think creatively and create either intangible or tangible products with your mind and with your hands. It involves the ability to ask the right questions and to get solutions to them. To design includes fashion design, cosmetics, graphics design, photo editing, painting,web design and several others. With the current drive for pictures and videos you have to know how to design and develop.

People who master the new frontier are highly sought after. Since almost everybody (about 60% of the population) can at least do one of the three – think, read and write – it is those that go beyond the benchmark of these that have a higher advantage.In the next 20 – 50 years it is those who master this new frontier that will stand out. We even have proofs in people like Bill Gates, Linus Torvald, Aliko Dangote, David Oyedepo ,etc.

Therefore do not just know how to read and to write, learn how to think, design and develop. Create things to solve problems and meet the needs of people. Learn how to develop yourself, and others as well as to develop tools for solving issues. Know how to move your reading ,writing and thinking to the next level.Know how to find answers to questions and problems and how to think critically .

Use every opportunity to improve your reading and writing and learn designing and developing.

Stay Blessed

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