Selenium With Julia(How to Automate Your Browser)

Selenium With Julia

Requirements  includes

  • Selenium WebDriver
  • PyCall.jl
  • WebDriver.jl
  • Chrome WebDriver

Installing the following softwares

  • Installing Selenium
    • Easy Way: Use pip – a python package manager if you have python installed on your system.
    • pip install selenium
    • Normal Way
    • Download Selenium from their website
  • Installing the Julia Packages (Pycall.jl and WebDriver.jl)
    • PyCall.jl
      • Pkg.add(“PyCall”)
    • WebDriver.jl
      • Pkg.add(“WebDriver”) or
      • Pkg.clone(“”)
  • Launching WebDriver

using WebDriver

browser = init_chrome()



If you want to use other browsers like firefox or phantomjs

browser = init_firefox()

browser = init_phantomjs()


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