You are Your Own Garden

You are Your Own Garden

You are your own garden, your own field.

What is a garden?

A garden is a planned space or land filled with plants,A garden is an organized field well cultivated.

A bush, on the other hand ,is a stretch of uncultivated land covered with mixed plant growth A bush is not well structured , it is not well organized, there is no beautify, no order, no proper arrangement.

The difference between a bush and a garden is purpose,order , structure and value.

Man was made from the dust,hence in a way you are your own land ,filled with plants. You are your own garden, your own field.

Is your life a bush or a garden?

How structured is your life? How organized is your life? What is the pattern for your life? Every garden has a structure, it has a pattern,an arrangement.

There are certain key features of a garden.

  • It has a purpose,what it is set up for.

  • It has a structure and order or pattern.

  • It has a committed cultivator.

  • It has a garden design.

  • It has a scheduled time for nourishment or care.

  • It has a form of protection, a guard.

What is the design for your life,what is the pattern for your life. Is it aligning with the design of Jesus Christ, your Creator ?

What pattern is the garden of your life fashioned after ?

Our garden design must have a well-thought-out layout. It must be set up by the principles of Christ and of life that brings growth and progress. You are your own field, you can choose either to be a garden or a bush.

If you want to be a garden which is useful,you have to deliberately work with a design,and cultivate consistently. You have to work on yourself. You have to cultivate yourself, work on yourself.

Just as Adam was made to cultivate the garden of Eden and was given a helper(Eve) even so the Holy Spirit has been given to you to help you cultivate your garden,your life.

Till the ground ,the ground of your inside, transform it. Transformation starts from within,your spirit,your mind and your attitude.

Fertilize your life with wonderful truths from the word of God.Fertilize your life with skills,wisdoms and knowledges.

Yes wisdoms and knowledges, I know it is wrong English, but you need diverse kinds of wisdom and knowledge.

If you want to make your garden great. Plant the good seeds. Water them and see God make it increase.

There are gardens set up for functional purpose such as reserve,food provision,etc. Others are for aesthetics,for beauty,for recreation and relaxation.

There are gardens that people have to pay to get inside,there are others that are so valuable that it is guarded by the country such as plantations and reserve. Make yourself a valuable garden.

            You have to guard the garden of your life from weeds of doubt, fear, deceit, sin and any thing that is unwanted.

You are your own garden, you have to work on you, dress your garden. Add order,structure,purpose and design to your life.

         Are you a garden or a bush? Remember you are your own garden.

Stay Blessed!!

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