Data Science Prime – Explore the world of Data Science

Data Science Prime

Data Science Prime app gives you a concise overview of data science and how to get started.It serves as an aid,a learning guide for data science
This app features various cheat sheets and references on

  • Python,
  • Julia,
  • R,
  • SQL,
  • Machine Learning
  • Scikit Learn,
  • Big Data such as Hadoop,
  • Hive
  • Interesting aspects of Data Science,Data Analysis and Business Analysis.

Why Data Science Prime ?
The purpose of this app is to help individuals learn Data Science with ease and to get an overview of all that data science offers.
It is to serve as a guide, a reference and a learning kit for data scientists and non-data scientists,future data scientist,and every one who is interested in data.

Explore the World of Data Science and get started with Data Science

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