JupyterLab Tutorial: Introduction & Walkthrough

JupyterLab Tutorials

Jupyterlab is the next generation jupyter notebook. It is a more powerful IDE that includes all the features and benefits of the classical Jupyter Notebook (IPython Notebook) plus more cool stuff.

The Name Jupyter is a merge of the inital three programming languages

Julia Python and R ;JuPyteR

Now let us see how to install it. JupyterLab has support for all the major operating system(Windows,Linux,Mac OS and FreeBSD).

Below are the various methods you can install jupyter

    • conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab
    • pip install jupyterlab
    • python3 -m pip install jupyterlab
    • pipenv install jupyterlab

Added this if you have a Previous Versions of Jupyter Notebook

jupyter serverextension enable –py jupyterlab –sys-prefix

JupyterLab Quick Walkthrough

When working in Jupyterlab there are two essential modes that will be very helpful.These include the Command Mode & Edit Mode

The Command Mode

  • Command Mode : Esc
  • Cell Above : A
  • Cell Below : B
  • Markdown Formate: M
  • Delete Cell : D + D
  • Back to Code From Md: Y

The Edit Mode

  • Edit Mode : Enter
  • Run Code: Shift + Enter
  • Run Code : Ctrl + Enter
  • Auto/Smart Suggestion : your code + tab
  • Comment : shift + /
  • Indent : Ctrl + [
  • Indent : Ctrl/Cmd + ]

How to Work with Multi-Select

  • Downward Selection of Cells: shift + J or Down
  • Upward Selection of Cells: shift + K or Up
  • Merge cells: shift + M
  • Split cells: ctrl + shift + –

Command Palette

  • Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P


To Get More details you can check the official documentation here or you can check this video below.

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