How to Fix Bottleneck and Pandas Warning

Pandas is an awesome library, the defacto package for data analysis in Python. However in recent versions of Python when using pandas or any package that depends on pandas , you may encounter this warning message.

How do you fix this. Let us check how.

In fixing any warning given by a package you have to read the warning. Most of the solution can be found within the warning message or error message.

The message says newer version of bottleneck is required hence we have to install or upgrade the package to a newer version using

pip install bottleneck --upgrade

Now let us check and see if it fixed that error

As you can see the warning message is no more. You have seen how import it is to read the warning/error messages and how to fix the issue with pandas and bottleneck.

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By Jesse E.Agbemabiase(JCharis)

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