How to Add Julia To Your Path

Julia Language is an amazing programming language that is easy to read and write yet fast. Like Python, it can be used for both scientific computing and data science task. Let us see how to add julia to your environment variable or path

After downloading Julia from the official website, you will first have to unzip/extract it to a location

Next you can now move into the extracted folder and get the current working directory as shown below

Then using pwd get the full path and copy the path

The next step is to add it to your bashrc file or bash_profile file. You can use locate (first need to install mlocate) to find the location of bashrc or you can go to your home directory and unhide hidden files using CTRL + H

Open the bashrc file using any text editor of your choice – in our case we will be using nano or gedit.

Then place the following code in that file as shown below and save it and restart your terminal to activate it

alias julia="/home/rooot/JPrograms/julia-1.7.2/bin/julia"

You are done. That is how to add Julia to your path on Linux. I hope it was beneficial to you.

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