The Origin of the Universe – Who Made it?

The idea of God is one of the concepts that humans use to attempt to explain our universe, its origin and the things within it. Since the beginning of civilization, humans have attempted to explain how we came to exist and how the universe began. Every culture in the ancient times have their own conception of how the universe came to being. We have developed different explanations over the centuries for the beginning of the universe, nature and how things work. Among them include the idea of there being a supreme being or God or gods and the Big Bang and evolution.

In ancient times almost every culture had a group of gods or deity for every phenomena they did not understand fully or could not create by themselves. This gave rise to many gods – some made of materials others made of our imaginations. As times progressed and we became more knowledgeable of our universe, the many gods – made of materials and our imaginations, became extinct and ignored. All the idols of gold,bronze, stone and glass were discarded.

We then moved from the gods of materials we can see – visible deities to the invisible gods– those we cannot see. And since we cannot see them, our imaginations and assumptions took over. This gave rise to the second category of gods. In the passage of Paul on Mars hill, he saw the city of Athens as very superstitious and having many idols for everything -even for an unknown God. It was this unknown God – who is invisible to us that Paul introduced to the people of Athens.

To summarize the progression, we moved from many visible deities made by humans to a few invisible deities proclaimed by humans.

In our current era, we attempt to explain the origin of the universe using another concept – the Big Bang and evolution. All these two concepts – the God concept and the Big Bang and evolution concept are all ways humans are attempting to explain our universe.

What I can say and conclude is that we don’t know much. We all were born into this world and we came to meet it. It also appears that we all will leave the world. What we can only do is to explore this vast universe and learn from it with all its evidence. We can only theorize but we cannot know for sure how our universe begin. We can give explanations based on our current evidence, but all these explanations are just that explanations and assumptions. Even if we can prove these explanations and give experiences, they are just that – explanations. It is just like how the ancient civilizations did, they gave explanations of how they thought the universe began based on the knowledge and experience they had. And after hundreds of years and more knowledge their explanations is not that valuable anymore. This may be the same for us, future generations hundreds of years ahead will also disregard our current explanations for the origin of the universe as assumptions and theories.

Who Made the Universe

We don’t know, what we do know is that everything in our world was made from something or made by someone or assembled from joining other things.
So it is possible that we were made by God or born by our parents and then God being the First Mover or First cause, was formed by another process beside reproduction (sexual or asexual) that we don’t know yet

If God had always existed, then what came first?, the ‘space’ that God begin to exist in or was standing in or occupying before he made our universe (time, space, matter, mind)

Could it be that both time, space and matter – also called the space-time continuum came into being the same moment God came into being. And then God being the first Mind, or First Matter, created all other things. So as the scriptures say, in the beginning (time), God (First Entity) created the heavens and the earth (Space and Matter) gives us the answer to how all started.

Then someone will ask who made God? Nobody knows, we can only theorize, just as we theorize everything.One theory is that It could be that God made himself or God was formed by a different process other than what we know such as reproduction, sexual or asexual. There is even parthenogenesis – also called virgin birth, where there is the development of an embryo directly from an unfertilized egg or an individual sperm.
I am sure that you were not even aware of this asexual reproduction, until now. This goes to show us that we don’t know everything there is to know hence to say that the universe was not made by God or God exist or God doesn’t exist is just based on what we know or have been told.

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