Age of the Earth – Young Earth vs Old Earth

Evolutionist and most scientist proclaim and believe that the earth and the universe are millions of years old, however most religious folks such as Christians, Jews and Muslims believe otherwise. They say that the earth is quite young perhaps a few thousands of years like 7000 based on what they think the bible means and biblical archaeology.

However there is another way we can look at this. In Genesis we are told that God made Adam and Eve, but it appears that both humans were made as adults not as kids or babies. They could walk, talk and even name the animals in the garden. They knew how to sow cloths to wear, etc. This means that although they were made on the 6th day of Creation , they were already old.

Could it be the same with the age of the earth, that although from biblical archaeology and history the world is like 7000 years but with carbon dating and fossil record of the age of the earth it is millions of years old. Just as Adam and Eve were created as adults directly already with age, could it be the same with the earth?

God made the earth young but already aged as millions of years. In other words the earth is like how Adam and Eve were made, young (few days) but old like adults and fully grown.

To conclude, I believe that both Young Earth and Old Earth are looking at it differently, the earth was made young but as a fully grown “Adult” – millions of years.

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By Jesse E. Agbe(JCharis)

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